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Neodrain showcases innovative products at KBC show.

Neodrain showcases innovative products at KBC show.

About the exhibition

The China International Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition (KBC) held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center grandly opened.This exhibition,

Unprecedented in scale, it has gathered more than 1,500 industry elites, focusing on integrated, embedded, green, interconnected, intelligent, healthy and innovative trends.

The water division of Quantan Group, a global leader in the field of drinking water testing, once again brought its elite team to demonstrate cutting-edge drinking water

Testing and certification services and solutions have consolidated its leading position in the industry.


NEODRAIN drain pipe

At the show, we showcased our floor drain products, highlighting our ability to customize them to our users’ preferences, including their favorite

color.Furthermore, to meet the different needs of different countries, we offer both horizontal and vertical floor drain options.Our flexibility allows us to

appear in time At the exhibition, users brought their favorite products.Also, regarding the panels, we offer customization options in different shapes

to meet diverse needs.



We proudly showcase our niche at the show.Known for their exceptional quality and unbeatable value, our niche products receive rave reviews

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Our illuminated niches add a touch of elegance and functionality to any space, providing ambient lighting and functional the same time,

Our unlit niches are stylish and minimalist, perfect for those looking for a minimalist design.

Our alcoves are available in two- and three-tier layouts to suit different storage needs and space constraints, ensuring versatility and adaptability

in any environment.

Our niches are crafted with careful attention to detail, making them durable and reliable without compromising on style.Positive feedback we received

The feedback we received from customers at the show reaffirmed our commitment to delivering exceptional products that exceed expectations.




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Neodrain is committed to redefining the drainage experience with innovative, convenient, and high-quality products. Offering unmatched ease and superior quality for both installation specialists and end-users.
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